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Johnson & Johnson Tainted Tylenol Case

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The famous Johnson & Johnson tainted Tylenol case. What do you think J & J should have done? Or suggest what they should have done based on a particular ethical system or two (these do not necessarily have to be ethical systems that you live by).

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A brief explication of the famous Johnson & Johnson tainted Tylenol case is examined using 200 words of notes and references to justify.

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As you offer a brief explication of the famous Johnson & Johnson tainted Tylenol case, it is a classical one indeed. Most studies seem to validate that they were ethical in their steps since "By withdrawing all Tylenol, even though there was little chance of discovering more cyanide laced tablets; Johnson & Johnson showed that they were not willing to take a risk with the public's safety, even if it cost the company millions of dollars. The end result was the public viewing Tylenol as the unfortunate victim of a malicious crime" ...

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