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    Baxter and Johnson and Johnson

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    Does Anyone remeber how Jonnson and Johnson handled the Extra-Strength Tylenol tampering case back in 1982? Seven people died after purchasing Tylenol capsules that had been tamered with. Someone had removed bottles of Tylenol from Chicago area stores, inject them with cyanide, and then replaced them. Before this happened, Tylenol accounted for 17% of J&J overall profits with a 35% market share and sales per year of $350 million.
    How did J&J company execs handle the tampering? Was it different from Baxter's response?

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    Here is a link to a great case study that explains how J&J dealt with the Tylenol problem: http://www.ou.edu/deptcomm/dodjcc/groups/02C2/Johnson%20&%20Johnson.htm.
    As you know, some Tylenol was taken and contaminated with cyanide, resulting in deaths of users. Here are the steps J&J took to rectify this (based on the site above):
    1) J&J notified the public not to consume any Tylenol and recalled Tylenol from Chicago store shelves.
    2) After more contaminations were found, J&J recalled Tylenol nationally and stopped manufacture.
    3) J&J set up a national hotline for consumers to call with questions regarding the safety of Tylenol.
    4) J&J staged national press conferences dealing with the safety of Tylenol.
    5) J&J invented new ...

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    This solution explains how J&J responded to Tylenol tampering in 1982 and how Baxter's response to a similar problem compares.