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"What are the differences in perceptions of self-efficacy among counseling students in online and land-based counseling graduate degree programs?"

In order to investigate this research question:

- Develop an operational definition of self-efficacy.
- Construct a 10-item survey to measure the self-efficacy of the counseling students based on the predictive designs.
- Briefly discuss your rationale for the items you included.

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This solution examines the differences between online students' perceptions of self-efficacy and those of students from land-based institutions.

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What are the differences in perception of self-efficacy among online and land-based graduate degree problems?

Research shows that when people become online learners they may lack self-confidence essential learning and technology skills. Studies also show that self-efficacy is a good predictor of learner's academic outcome. In addition efficacious learners tend to be able to cope and adapt better than students with low confidence (Taipjutorus & Hansen, 2012). On the other hand, relative to land-based institutions, according to Taipjurtorus and Hansen, self-efficacy us influenced by four main sources including: inactive mastering service, (b) hands on explorations, (c) vicarious experiences [modeling others], p. 51. On this basis, Taipjurtorus and Hansen present research findings that suggest embedded learners in online modules can enhance learning and improve attitudes and self-efficacy

What is an operational definition of ...

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