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    Research Plans, Qualitative Study & Original Sources

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    Please help with some ideas so that I can complete this assignment:

    Submit a research plan that incorporates the finalized version of one of the problem statements and incorporates appropriate research questions/hypotheses and purpose statement. Include the study's independent and dependent variables, population, geographical location, and significance in the plan.

    This research plan will establish a theoretical framework for a quantitative, qualitative, or mixed research method study. Evaluate and discuss the appropriateness of your theoretical framework selection, including your reasons for method and design selection relative to the information you think will be needed to answer and test the research questions/hypotheses.

    In the plan, learners should reflect their knowledge of the elements of the method selected and the methodâ??s associated vocabulary.

    Why is a hypothesis inappropriate for a qualitative study?

    Why would it be important to locate all original sources, even individual studies used in a meta-analysis or integrative research review, before including them in your literature review?

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    Dear Student,
    Hello. The research plan incorporates usage of both qualitative and quantitative data. Good luck!

    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

    Research Plan: Study of Mental Disorders among the Homeless

    As explained in my proposed study and problem statement, I would like to do a mixed method study of the prevalence, occurrence and degree of mental disorders among the homeless. The idea behind it is based on a statement released by Deborah Gray (2008) and several other studies by the DHHS (Department of Health & Human Services), DHUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development) & the National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH). For me it is alarming to know that a huge number of the homeless suffer a form of mental disorder, that the true number of the homeless in the United States is not documented, and their access to basic services including mental and health care is greatly barred by issues related immigration, property, taxation, ethnicity and immigration legalities, among many others. With being homeless and tethering to the brink of homelessness due to financial and economic difficulties issues and sources of great stress upon people and families, it is no surprise that a number of the homeless have been faced with mental disorders and a disorientation with reality making them at risk to predators and, by virtue of their disconnect with reality, a risk to society themselves. Several homeless perpetuated crimes happened as a result of the effects of mental disorders. With the issue being broad, I think by combining qualitative and quantitative data and methods of analysis, it is possible to come up with a working research Plan that can touch on major issues and points. I must stress though that the research, because of the limitations of time and resources will not be encompassing but would be comprehensive enough to present a discussion of the topic. Below is my Research Plan following the general research process:

    ? Theory - based on published materials, observation and analysis, my working theory is that Mental Disorders among the homeless is prevalent brought upon unique personal conditions and the stress of being homeless. This ...

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    The solution is a 1,282-word essay that is divided into 3 main parts. Part 1 lays out a research plan based on a particular subject of study (mental disorders among the homeless), part two discusses why a hypothesis can be inappropriate for qualitative research and part 3 discusses the importance of locating original sources prior to inclusion on a study's literature review. a word version of the solution is attached. References are listed to allow room for further research.