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    Female Offender Recidivism: Prostitution (Conceptual Framework)

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    i am in my premise stage of my dissertation and i need help with these areas
    Explain theoretical and conceptual frameworks of proposed studies
    Explain relevance of proposed study to current literature
    Develop a prospectus purpose statement and framework
    i am researching the current policy, programs, transitional practice and assessments as well as treatment of female offenders evaluating of gender-specific needs based approach

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    Female Offenders: Theory and Literature


    Why do we turn to crime? Specifically, why do women turn to crime? Those who do turn to crime for a number of reasons. Some are born into a life wherein deviance and crime are normative (i.e. they grew up in abusive homes, their parents were deviants too, they lived in environments that encouraged criminality, etc.) but this is not always the case. If I were to offer 4 of the most common theories behind criminality, I suggest the following psychological theories: Presence of Conduct, Behavioral Theory, Nature-nurture theory and the Gendered Pathways theory. Concurrently, 2008 report by Community Education Centers (CEC) claimed that, "The number of women under the jurisdiction of state and federal correctional Authorities have increased dramatically in the past several decades. From 1980 to 1998, the population of females under correctional supervision increased over 500%...This increase in female offenders and inmates is being accompanied by a correspondingly large increase in the number of females being released into the community from incarceration...recidivism rates among females released into the community from incarceration are not encouraging....within 3 years of being released, 57.6% of females were re-arrested, 39.9% were reconvicted, and 17.3% were re-sentenced to prison for a new offense." These numbers, while lower than that of ...

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