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Sex Offenders: Social Opinion on False Positives of Recidivism

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The overall rate of re-offending for a sex crime is 25% over 10 years. 75% do not. Society, however, has a high rate of tolerance for false positives. Any thoughts?

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I suggest making it simple using this outline:

1. On recidivism & statistics - 100 words
2. Opinion on social stand - 150 words

This should be a concise discussion where you give your ideas why society accepts false positives. You can use the listed resources to further explore the topic. Just let me know via the feedback section if you need further clarification. All the best with your studies.

Opinion on Recidivism

According to Gelb (2007), "The most common definition used in the research is rates of reconviction, measured as return to prison." As such, when sex offenders 'return to prison', they are counted as part of the statistics utilized to measure rates of reoffending. While this does not touch details of relapse and instances of reoffending not legally measured ...

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The solution provides information, assistance and advise in tackling the task (see above) on the topic of public opinion on recidivism rates and false positives. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.

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