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Filipino Culture & Child Development

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Because young children's cognitive systems are still immature, particularly their prefrontal cortex (center of planning and logic), they tend to express emotions as soon as they are felt. Their limbic systems (activates emotions) develop earlier in life than parts of the cerebral cortex, so one of their important tasks is learning to identify and appropriately express emotions. Socializing becomes more important, and they further develop their sense of self through these interactions. Keep this in mind as you respond to the following questions.

Research child-raising practices of the culture of your choice and predict their psychosocial development (Erikson's theory) based on your research. Be sure to support your ideas using specific information from the initiative vs. guilt stage of development.

Using the same research that you collected for the first question, develop a plan to help parents (of your chosen culture) teach their young children appropriate ways to express their aggression. Use your understanding of social learning theory to create your plan.

300 to 400 words.

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The solution provides information, assistance and advise in tackling the task (see above). The solution talks about the child raising culture of Filipino families and predicts their psychosocial development using Erikson's theory. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.

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Dear Student,
Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. In this particular problem you are expected by your professor to show that you understand certain elements about a culture (perhaps your own, perhaps another) as a perspective from which to explore a stage in Eriksson's theory. Since I can only guess your own ethnicity, it would be best to provide you with an example of another culture, one that I am familiar with. You can use the resources listed to further explore the topic. I suggest this outline to cover what you need:

1. Culture of choice - 100 words
2. Psychosocial development in said culture based on research and insight - 100 words
3. Suggested plan to help parents deal with aggression - 100 words
4. Application of learning theory in said plan - 100 words

The outline above should yield 400 words which is what is required of you in this task. All the best with your studies.

AE 105878/Xenia Jones

Filipino Culture

I am familiar with the Filipino culture primarily because of friends and relatives whose own ethnicity and ancestry can be traced from this country-archipelago in South East Asia. As an archipelago of 7107 islands it might appear that its 95 million inhabitants would have different ways of living, thinking and doing. This; however, is not the case as the nation's 300 plus or so years as a singular entity has seen it's national psyche and identity shaped by religion, folkways, mores, traditions, shared linguistic traditions and history. One of the key drivers of the nation is its keen practice of Christianity with the majority of the populace declaring themselves devout Catholics. In this archipelago, the center of cities and towns are their churches, cathedrals and parishes which in a sense gives the Catholic Church immense power and influence in the lives of the devout and much of the Philippine society. For a politician to have favour in the eyes of the constituency, participating, supporting and working hand in hand with the church can almost always constitute the construction of a God-favoured individual which is sure to translate to votes. At home, Catholicism and Christian tenets rule family values. ...

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