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    Spirituality, trauma and human development

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    Explain how trauma can affect development, most specifically, neural development.
    Discuss how spiritual development can counter the effects of trauma.

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    Trauma and Development

    1.Trauma can impact human development- specifically psychologically- ie. in child development it can prevents developing mature adaptive mechanism. For instance individuals who are suffer PTSD may have significant relational problems as their development of trust has been hampered. A client, Carol was physically and sexually assaulted as a child of 8 years by her step father. Once her mother divorced him, she no longer had any contact with him and the assaults stopped but the trauma as a result hindered her psychological development significantly. She never developed trust in her relationships with men and men in authority. Thus, she has had several broken ...

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    This solution provides a discussion on how trauma impacts human development and how spirituality is a factor for healing.