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Vicarious Trauma Intervention for the Helping Professional

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1). Vicarious trauma interventions should address organizational practices, explain why.
2). Select and describe an intervention that would be used in organizational practices you selected and three types of trauma-response helping professionals for whom this intervention would be appropriate, explain why.

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Vicarious trauma interventions are briefly exemplified. 300 words of my notes and reference links are incorporated.

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Welcome warmly to BM! I offer 300 words of my notes and reference links. Please rate 5/5 accordingly.

1. Vicarious trauma interventions should address organizational practices to ensure that proactive procedures are in place and supported by the organization in order to reduce VT. The practices should allot scheduled time for professional development on VT interventions as well as team meetings to offer "emotional check-ups" (http://www.melissainstitute.org/documents/Meichenbaum_SelfCare_11thconf.pdf).

Experts also recommend that practices should also ensure proper balance of workloads or caseloads. They should also "Provide ongoing supervision, especially for novice helpers and "Promote education and training" ...

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