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Data Collection and Human Development

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The social issues you are discovering that are impacted by resources and individual willingness to resolve are also a factor of economic concerns and specific populations.
Understanding the communicative aspects of collaborative work requires an in-depth look at the cultural aspects and ethical needs of any community. For all of this information to come together, you need to apply your knowledge of human development and individual and group theories that will support your insight.

Crisis, low economic levels, lack of education, and lack of opportunities for change will also affect the response of the coalition and its approach. Your relationships with coalition members will depend on your knowledge of leadership and advocacy contributing to your skills at gathering data, incorporating information, and responding to challenges or limitations to acquiring data. Remembering that the evaluation reflects multiple individuals and groups, your perspective of leading and serving are particularly appropriate to consider. At this point, you should be able to determine how you will gather information and describe challenges that are impacting your ability to completely understand the coalition's purpose or your ability to acquire the information you need. This is a good place to step back and review the issues that are impeding progress or challenging you to achieve goals.

Based on your previous reading of various evaluations of coalitions, what specific elements of data collection do you feel will provide the best accumulation of information for your project?

Using interviews, photos, yearly reports, charts and graphs of achieved success, and policy development will provide different aspects of understanding your evaluation.

Discuss the most appropriate data for assessing your coalition.

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This is a short essay on human development and how various relationships can be formed in the understanding of what occurs in learning and how data is collected in such projects.

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In collecting data when working with children who are 'juvenile delinquents' or not one must study the whole family. Some assessment tools that could be used are 'The Child Behavior Checklist' to start. You could also give various intelligence tests to make sure that the problems are not educational in nature. There are assessments for Social anxiety problems for the children may not get along with others and may need social skills training. You can tell them about the various agencies like social welfare and unemployment and training sites that could lead them to improve their families lifestyle.

When doing these various assessments you will need to try and understand what the immediate crisis is and then try to solve the most immediate problems first. You must then see ...

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