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Different Models of Group Development

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1.What are some of the similarities and differences among the different models of group development discussed in text are forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning? Which model makes the most sense to you? Why? (Make sure to support your answer with at least one outside source.)

2.What are some of the variables that affect group effectiveness? Which one of these variables do you think is most crucial? Why? (Make sure to support your answer with at least one outside source.)

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The different models of group development are forming, storming norming, adjourning, and performing. There are similarities and differences. There are individual variances that can affect the effectiveness of a group.

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1. The process of forming is used by groups that primarily concern themselves with orientation and testing. When a company or organization puts together a new team that will begin working together, they must first talk to one another and get more acquainted with the other members of the team. This is the first stage of group development, because it is when the group is first put together. In this stage one makes a first impression on the others in the group. This stage also focuses on the similarities and the differences of others in the group. During this stage, the group is oriented on how things run and what their jobs will be (Smith, 2005).

The next stage is storming. At this stage, the leader of the group should attempt to get the group to work together as a team and build together as a unit; however, it is also at ...

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