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Characteristics of Operant Conditioning

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Briefly explain how operant conditioning works and how does behavior modification relate to operant condition.

What is meant by behavior modification?

Can the use of operant principals through behavior modification be applied to many real-world problems? Provide a real world example how behavior modification has been successful?

What is an extrinsic reinforcer?

Can operant conditioning using an extrinsic reinforcer as a reward sometimes back fire? Why or Why not

What is an intrinsic reinforcer?

Would an operant conditioning using an intrinsic reinforcer as a reward be more preferable to use for rewarding individual or even some animals? Why or Why not

Use scholarly sources to support your answer. Limit the use of direct quotes. Provide examples to you support your explanation. Use an APA format to cite your sources.

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Operant conditioning works by essentially providing rewards for desired behaviors and punishments for undesired behaviors, as a means by which to modify an individual's behavioral or action patterns, to those that are desirable. Behavior modification relates to operant conditioning, due to the fact that operant conditioning is a means by which to achieve behavior modification, and to maintain the behavior that has been modified. Behavior modification essentially means to take actions that change or modify, the behaviors that are exhibited by an individual or group.

Operant principles through behavioral modification can be ...

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