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Characteristics of Operant Conditioning Discussion

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1). Using scholarly sources, find a psychological theory on a relevant topic in a field that you might have thought about and would like to research a bit more on your own.

2). Briefly describe the theory, and evaluate where it fits on the following three dimensions:
• Mechanistic versus functional
• Qualitative versus quantitative
• Descriptive versus analogical versus fundamental

3). How do the three different dimensions of your theory impact upon the research process?

4). Would you consider this a good theory? Why or why not?

Use scholarly sources to support your answers. Cite your sources using APA format.

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This solution describes characteristics of operant conditioning.

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1) Operant conditioning is the theory that is selected.

2) Operant conditioning is a theory based upon the premise that human action can be controlled based upon providing rewards for desired actions, and punishments for undesired actions. This theory is more functional due to the fact that it can be applied continuously at any time, in order to achieve the desired result, without there being a great deal of complex interactions between the individual that is applying this conditioning, and the individual that is having this theory utilized to control ...

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