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Operant conditioning and Saudi Arabian Culture

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According to the research, do you think that the learning techniques proposed in this discussion are appropriate for the Saudi Arabia ethnic group? Explain your reasoning.

Saudi is a Muslim country and has a culture where their women must be covered from head to toe when they are out in public in a garment called a niqab. This customs also apply to foreigners who are visiting the country. When these procedures are not followed, there are consequences. Operant conditioning allows for the easiest and most practical understanding of behavior. It is a type of learning in which behaviors are influenced primary by the consequences that will follow. This could range from stares, to someone hitting a lady on her legs with a small object, (not to hurt her, but to reinforce that fact that the procedures are not being followed), to the police being called. Foreigners must comply with the rules/laws.

The wearing of the niqab is new for American women, but it is required while in Saudi Arabia when not in a private dwelling. New behaviors can be shaped, weak behaviors can be strengthened, strong behaviors can be maintained, and undesirable behaviors can be we weakened and eliminated. For some ladies coming to the country for the first time, there is some resistance to conforming to this culture. For the visiting women, operant conditioning is the learning process that is being utilized.

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I think that the learning techniques proposed in this discussion are appropriate for the Saudi Arabian ethnic group, largely due to the fact that the Muslim ...

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