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Management Communication Strategies

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You are a middle manager in a computer software company. The company has the standard departments: sales, marketing, HR, R&D, etc. The vertical flow of information is not coming from the top down (uni-directional). An employee survey has shown that upper management is consequently not inquiring about vital employee issues.

You are in charge of designing a meeting agenda based on a particular communication strategy.

Prepare the agenda for a meeting to design a communication strategy that makes management communication more responsive (bi-directional). Your agenda should address these following questions:

a. What subjects should be covered?

b. Who should attend the meeting?

c. What should be the meeting approach?

d. What is the meeting timeline?

e. What action should be taken?

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Below is your solution. To make it easier for you, I decided to make a 'first-person' solution that 'answers' the situation in your post. I 'explained' the situation that needed resolving so as to make the 'agenda' proposed unique to the problem at hand. You can always expand on the ideas I provided. Good Luck!

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Meeting Agenda: Fixing Organizational Communication

As Mid-Manager for Software Company, I am in a position where communication from the Administration & the Executive department finds itself being distributed & handed down the ranks to employee level. By nature, these set of communications are varied; they pertain to varied concerns from production, client demands, marketing, organizational & employee concerns & that pertaining to employment & discipline. Most of the time, they come in the form of memos, announcements, directives & emails - ours is a technology based firm so our communication systems are tied to it. Despite the 'tech' nature however, these communication are at times non-specific so as mid-manager I have to break them down to its components so as to send the right messages to specific personnel. While the flow from the upper level downwards is great, management's concern centre on performance goals & ...

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