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    Evaluate Ones' Thinking

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    Evaluate ones' thought process. Please read the scenario below.

    Mozart for babies became popularized in the 1990s. Many parents were misled by marketing campaigns to believe that playing Mozart would make their babies smarter.

    1).What guidelines should be followed to ensure critical and scientific thinking in psychology?

    2).What guidelines were validated in this scenario?

    3).What is belief perseverance? Provide an example

    4). How can you, as a psychology professional, recognize belief perseverance? Provide an example

    5).How can you help others to keep an open mind and think critically? Provide an example

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    1) A guideline to ensure critical and scientific thinking in psychology is to base all decisions upon the statistical data that has been obtained from valid and reliable sources instead of preferences and emotional decision-making. Another guideline is to ensure that the research is conducted in order to ascertain the validity and reliability of any information that is utilized in the decision-making. It is also pertinent to weigh the advantages against the disadvantages before making a given decision or taking a given course of action.

    2) The major guidelines that were violated in this scenario were not gaining statistical data on the ...

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    This solution describes the importance of rational critical thinking over belief perseverance.