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    Creativity and Innovative Ways to Solve Problems

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    #1: Describe the most creative people you know. What are their personality characteristics, living styles, and creating methods?

    #2: Benjamin Franklin said that if everyone is thinking alike, then no one is thinking. Can you give examples of politicians, scientists, public figures or students who are thinking alike? Can you give examples of those who think individually? Which group do you think you fall under? What are ways to be more of an individual thinker?

    #3: Was Aristotle correct when he said that "there is nothing new under the sun"? What do you think have been some of the most creative new ideas and discoveries since the time of Aristotle, over 2,300 years ago? How was an "old" invention turned into something "new", or better, to create that discovery or idea?

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    Creative People

    Creativity is the ability to put together something of meaning or value that is new, a way of expressing the self or solving problems and providing new ways of thinking, living or doing. Artists are creative as they always put together work that provides novel ways of self-expression. For example, Vincent Van Gogh was very creative in that he managed to pave the way for impressionism to take on 'moods' and express raw emotion from the pretty to the melancholy- a far cry from the pretty pastels of Matisse or Monet. Pablo Picasso was also very creative for he found a new way of expressing his artistry by inventing what we now refer to as abstract cubism. Another of course is Paul Gauguin, the French painter who found himself in French Polynesia and painted the beauty of the tropics and its women in very strong colours. Yet, painters are a few amongst many other creative people - I find singers, songwriters, dancers, playwrights, actors, novelists and poets extremely creative too. There was Shakespeare and Milton. Today, we have singers aplenty from the classical baritone, like Andrea Bocelli to rock and roll bands like Aerosmith and the Rolling Stone. For me, one of my most creative inspirations is Johnny Cash. He was so influential that he established what we now know as rockabilly rock and roll. His deep bass voice and his musicality, plus the themes of his music, speak of a deep connection to the lives of Americans, whatever their motivations, ethnicity or status in life. He was good with Gospel music, but was just as awesome with his fantastic adaptation of 90's rock music like 'Hurt' by 9 Inch Nails. Johnny had a rocky life as a young boy, living in poverty with his farming family. His early marriage was rocky. Yet, when he found June Carter, he soon led a stable life, with the couple focusing on ...

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