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    Management, behavior and values

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    1. What is the relationship between values and personal behavior?
    2. How do ethics affect the managerial decision-making process?
    3. How do individual ground rules for behavior influence group rules of behavior?

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    First, A quick definition of terms:

    ? Ethics - Ethics is that branch of philosophy that tackles some of the fundamental questions of human life - what is right, what is wrong, what is moral? By doing so, it provides the point of reference of how people should live, and what perspectives they should use to make sense of and act in society.

    ? Values - personal or cultural, values are the ethical, moral, ideological, social and political 'set of emotionally subjective rules or beliefs' that people or groups consider to be of great importance (i.e. honesty, kindness, thrift, industry, pragmatism, etc.).

    ? Management - refers to a practical and coherent way of solving a challenge (as in managing and developing a successful business enterprise).

    ? Behaviour - the actions and reactions of subjects in reference/relation to the stimulus or state of their environment. Group behaviours involves the mechanics of shared perspectives, preferences and identity (see culture).

    Your Questions Discussed:

    1. What is the relationship between values and personal behavior?

    Values are products of socialization. Socialization happens first within the primary organization we belong to, our family. From them we learn to give importance to certain traits, certain perspectives and certain philosophies - these becomes the 'basic set of values' that is imprinted on us, shaping, influencing and becoming a part of our identity and influencing our attitudes, action and reaction to our social reality. Of course, as we grow we learn 'new values' from social agencies like schools and the workplace in the form of professional, public, academic or social values that our society and the culture we share ...

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