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Quantitative analysis:Networks, PERT, critical path.

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A project was planned using PERT with three times estimates. The expected completion time of the project was determined to br 40 weeks. The variance of the critical path is 9.

A What is the probability that the project will be finished in 40 weeks or less?

B. What is the probability that the project takes longer than 40 weeks?

C. What is the probability that the project will finished in 46 weeks?

D. What is the probability that the project tilll take longer than 46 weeks?

E. The project manager wishes to set the due date for the completion of the project so that there is a 90% chance of finishing on schedule. Thus, there would only be a 10% chance the project would take longer than this due date. What should this due date be?

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The problem deals with estimating project duration under Program Evaluation and Review Techniques (PERT) methodology.

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Quantitative analysis: Networks, PERT, critical path...

The following data were obtained from an in-house MIS project:

Activity Duration Predecessors
A 3 Days ---
B 6 Days ---
C 3 Days A
D 2 Days B
E 3 Days B
F 1 Day C, D
G 5 Days C, D
H 4 Days E, F, G
I 7 Days E, F

Construct a network for the project. Then review and answer (A) and (B).

(A.) Calculate the scheduled completion time and identify the critical path.

(B.) What is the slack time (float) for activities A, D, E, and F?

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