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    In her wallet, Susan has 12 bills. 6 are $1 bills, 2 are $5 bills, 3 are $10 bills, and 1 is a $20 bill. She passes a volunteer seeking donations for the American Red Cross and decides to select 1 bill at random. Determine:
    a. probability she selects $ 5 bill (my ans: 1/5)
    b. probability she does not select a $5 bill (my ans: 5/6)
    c. the odds in favor of her selecting the $5 bill (my ans: 1:5)
    d. the odds against her selecting the $5 bill (my ans: 5:1)
    e. the odds in favor of her selecting a $10 bill
    f. the odds against her selecting a $20 bill

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    a. Ans:1/6. since there are 2 $5 bills. The probability of selecting one of the two $5 is 1/12. The ...

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    The probabilities of selecting bills from a bag are calculated.