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1. There are 3 boxes. Each box contains several envelopes. Some envelopes have "you lose" written on them. The rest say "you win..." . However, of the ones that say "you win..." , some contain only a piece of paper saying "... nothing" . Each of the other contains a $5 bill.

The first box contains 3 "lose" envelopes and 2 so-called "win" envelopes. The second contains 1 "lose" envelope and 3 "win "envelopes. The third box contains 2 "lose" envelopes and 2 "win" envelopes. Each box contains only one $5 bill(in an envelope marked" you win...").

Addie, who is blindfolded, selects a box at random and draws one envelope from the box. The envelope contains a $5 bill. What is the probability that Addie picked the second box?

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This shows the probability of a person drawing from a given box.