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1. A group of volleyball players consists of four Grade-11 students and six Grade-12 students. If six players are chosen at random to start a match, what is the probability that three will be from each grade?

2. If a bowl contains ten hazelnuts and eight almonds, what is the probability that four nuts randomly selected from the bowl will all be hazelnuts?

3. If you simultaneously roll a standard dice and spin a spinner with eight equal sectors numbered 1 to 8. What is the probability of both rolling an even number and spinning an odd number?

4. A bag contains three green marbles and four black marbles. If you randomly pick two marbles from the bag at the same time, what is the probability that both marbles will be black?

5. What is the probability of rolling a total of 7 in two rolls of a standard dice if you get an even number on the first roll?

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