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    Smoking program

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    I am trying to think of an outside the box approach to why it is important to stop smoking. Focusing on children, and adults. I am applying for a job in this field and am trying to get their attention. It is for my cover letter.
    I have a background in environmental health.

    The program the job focuses on is prevention, cessation and education, through to compliance and enforcement of legislation.

    I am hoping someone has an unique idea that would help spice up my cover letter.

    I appreciate all your help.

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    Well, I will not write the letter itself, but I will try to give you ideas on important points in such a letter. It is VERY important to try to prevent children & youngsters from starting to smoke as nicotine is very addictive & habit forming - just as much as some heavy narcotics. So the best way of preventing people from smoking is to prevent them from starting to smoke. Smoking can cause cancer in the lungs, in the throat, in the mouth and also very ...

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    This solution helps with a health and wellness problem. It discusses a plan for a smoking program.