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OREM situational self care requisites

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What is OREM situational self care requisites?

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Orem's Self-Care Model: A Professional Nursing Practice Model
Person (client/patient) self-care deficits are the result of environmental situations.

3 systems exist within this professional nursing practice model
Compensatory system-nurse provides total care
Partially compensatory system-nurse & patient share responsibility for care
Educative-development system-client has primary responsibility for personal health, with nurse acting as a consultant

Self-Care Theory in the Ambulatory Setting

Nurses have always recognized the rights of clients of all ages to be both informed and active participants in care.

Prior to discussing "Self-Care" it is important for readers to understand that the role of the professional nurse is to promote & maintain healthy systems.
Currently, in the Ambulatory Setting nationwide, there is an added job/dimension for the RN of assisting physicians. This is an equally important support-role/job for the provision of overall care but should not be confused with the professional "nursing" role. To differentiate, this physician assisting role includes collecting data for the physician (to determine cause & effect), as well as, performing minor procedures (which supports the "cure" medical model).
Nursing models (such as Self-Care) are not directly or easily applied to a physician-centered model. Nursing models are client-centered.

Self-care is a universal requirement for sustaining and enhancing life and health. Competence in self-care determines quality of life and has an impact on longevity. Nurses assist clients to achieve competence in self-care. Health education (an example of a self-care service) informs, motivates and helps people adopt healthful life styles.

Self-care: "activities ...

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