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    Orem's theory in family nursing practice

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    Discuss two strenghts and two weaknesses of Orem's Theory for use in family nursing practice.

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    The Orem model of nursing, also known as the Self-Care Model of Nursing, was developed between 1959 and 2001 by Dorothea Orem . This model is based upon the philosophy that all "patients wish to care for themselves". They can recover more quickly and holistically if they are allowed to perform their own self cares to the best of their ability.

    According to Orem, a person benefits from nursing intervention when a health situation inhibits their ability to perform self care or creates a situation where their abilities are not sufficient to maintain their own health and wellness. In such cases, nursing action focuses on identification of limitation/deficit and implementing appropriate interventions to meet the needs of a person.
    There are three support modalities identified in theory:
    ? Total compensatory support encompasses total nurse care- client unable to care for themselves.
    ? Partial compensatory support involves both the nurse and the client sharing in the self care ...

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    This solution discusses two strenghts and two weaknesses of Orem's Theory for use in family nursing practice