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Substance abuse in High Risk Families

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A summary of the substance abusing high-risk family group, with explanation of the high-risk condition and associated behaviors or patterns.

Describe assessment of the substance abusing family selected with use of Orem's nursing theories along with High rates of co-occurrence between substance abuse and child neglect.

a summary of a family in a high risk family situation would be complicated:

A father with untreated Bipolar Disorder is using cocaine and marijuana to self medicate. He is verbally and sexually abusive to his children and step wife, and has 2 children, an older girl in her 20s having escaped the house before the she was out of high school, living with a friend. A younger son is in his teens. Because the son still lives at home, he watches the drug use, sees and hears crimes planned, and done. Criminals regularly come to the house. The boy is well clothed and fed, but few friends are invited to the house because of the unstable emotional situations. The dad shoots the son by mistake while high on cocaine. Should a teacher or healthcare worker call child protective services?

These are the topics in this solution.

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I went to look at what kinds of scholarly articles might help you solve this question, First I took a look at this abstract:

High rates of co-occurrence between substance abuse and child neglect have been well-documented and especially difficult to treat. As a first step in developing a comprehensive evidence-based treatment for use in this population, the present case examination underscores Family Behavior Therapy (FBT) in the treatment of a mother who evidenced Substance Dependence, child neglect, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bipolar I Disorder, and domestic violence. Utilizing psychometrically validated self-report inventories and objective urinalysis, treatment was found to result in the cessation of substance use, lower risk of child maltreatment, improved parenting attitudes and practices, and reduced instances ...

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This solution deals with the public health problem of substance abuse and how the cycle of addiction might be averted through education and support. A summary of the substance abusing high-risk family groups are discussed, with explanations defining a high-risk condition and associated behaviors or patterns.

I also describe assessment of the substance abusing family, and I use of Orem's nursing theories.

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I also need as much information as possible on the following questions, including links if possible for further research.


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