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    Substance Abuse and Motivational Interviewing

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    Discuss the impact substance abuse has on children based upon a research finding you located in a peer reviewed journal article in the Ashford Library: http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/12/274
    Using your research article, discuss at least one of the four components: 1) Building a Relationship, 2) Agenda Setting, 3) Eliciting Change Talk, or 4) Consolidating Commitment as it relates to your journal article and to the impact substance abuse has on children.

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    Motivational Interviewing (MI) is communication that is non-confrontational, geared at engaging those with substance abuse problems in a 'client-centered' plan to overcome ambivalence (2).

    Issues surround individuals abusing substances, with those issues being exacerbated when children are involved, especially when CPS becomes involved in the case. Parents that abuse substances can be problematic, refusing court ordered services, or may be difficult to work with when they do agree to the services (1). Substance abuse is often a factor associated with other issues, such as poverty, lack of education, victims of abuse, etc. (2).

    Through MI the goal is to motivate the individual to have a desire to change, through goal oriented interviews while bringing awareness to the problems associated with substance abuse, as well as the feelings (fear of change, denial of a problem, etc.) also associated with substance abuse. One main goal of MI is to show the client that there is empathy towards them, an understanding of what they are going through, as well as the challenges they will face. Building a relationship with the individual is essential to MI. Building a relationship may not be an easy task, considering the believed reality that the substance abuser has come to believe, both the good and the bad associated with substance abuse, and the possibility that the ...

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    Discusses the impact that substance abuse has on children using agenda setting, and communications.