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    New generation of youth with technology & consequences

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    I need some help with an article I am writing. The article focuses on the breakdown in society, family unit, etc due to the new wave of technology: online and hand-held gadgets, cell phones, Wii games, e-mailing, texting etc, that our kids spend more time with instead of reading a book, talking to parents about shool, and so on.(APA formatting). Thanks!(proper citations, this should be an original piece--not plagirised etc....any professional sources, journals, periodicals, peer reviewed etc can be used and can be any length.

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    I worked as a Public Health Educator for a decade and then a classroom teacher for another decade {actually have an interview next week for a job where I would be doing both} and feel that the idea is good, from my professional perspective. But when I did a search on "Negative effects of technology on society" May consider doing something catchy or currect "2009-ish" something with the theme to attract attention beyond what may have been gleaned by students. Here are some more I found and there are a few that have that may be of special ...

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    The effects of technology on youth in this generation has had effects on family relations and school performance.