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    Generations at Work

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    Listed are some demographic trends in the U.S. and globally. In what ways do any of these trends affect your workforce planning. Also, if there is a trend that you can think of that is not listed and it affects your company's workforce please list and discuss.

    · Aging of the baby boomers.
    · Generation X and its characteristics.
    · Aging of the work force.
    · Job growth in fields requiring more education.
    · Growth in non-white and immigrant population.
    · Education levels of minority populations.
    · Globalization of industries.
    · Skill and experience deficiencies

    My company is Pioneer Hi-Bred Int. I need something short and sweet 350 words.

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    The Millenials: This generation is very different from Generation X (and for this reason doesn't want to be known as "Generation Y"). Their frame of reference is that they have lived through the Columbine school shootings, 9/11, an explosion of technology and media, multiculturalism and a variety of family structures.

    1) Outlook: They've grown up during a time of American affluence. Their outlook is optimistic, and they feel they will have a positive impact on the future. With a national emphasis on improving educational standards during their youth, this generation is very achievement-oriented.

    2) View of Authority: College professors have been surprised with Millennials. They have reported that they are polite, and it is rare for a student to take a position that is counter to what they have said. In the work environment, managers have not had the same experience. They have reported that the Millennials challenge and question directions that are given to them, which leads to the conclusion that they do have a lack of respect for the status quo.

    3) Family Influence: This generation grew up in a highly protective family environment (due to Boomer generation), with protection often extending into a child's ...

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    This solution discusses the different generations at work such as the aging of the baby boomers, Generation X and its characteristics, aging of the work force, job growth in fields requiring more education, growth in non-white and immigrant population, education levels of minority populations, globalization of industries, and skill and experience deficiencies