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    Memo Describing an Organization's Design and Functionality

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    A new CEO has just taken over your organization and would like a brief report on the current state of your organization in order to formulate a strategy for improving its performance.

    Describe your organization in terms of its design (centralized, decentralized, location, and so on) and functionality in a brief memo of 350 to 500 words.

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    Date: January 23, 2013

    To: Dr. Ray Brown, CEO
    From: Natalie Heming: Team Director for Nursing, Planning and Control (RWJ)

    Subject: Status, Needs and Recommended Actions for Nurses' Input to Help Formulate a Solid Strategy for Improving Patient Outcomes and Performance at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, Hamilton, NJ.

    As a part of the introduction to and formulation of The Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJH) Strategic Planning. The (RWJH) team is pleased to present this memo which is a brief overview of the current state of Robert Wood Johnson Hospital, needs assessment, and ideas for integration and interoperability of key health systems. We hope this will impart a more general understanding of the workings of the hospital, and to help formulate a strategy for improving patient outcomes and performance.

    Hospital Design

    Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital is a 408 bed, non-profit hospital that has employed a centralized design structure historically. Some recent changes in the ideas performance direction to motivate employees include the ongoing debate and widespread effort to decentralize care design at the hospital. While this effort has had a positive impact, there still remain areas that are still centralized in the hospital. Nursing is the backbone in terms of what goes on in ...

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    A memo describing an organization's design and functionality is examined.