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    Advances in Prostate Cancer Chemoprevention and Treatment

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    Chemoprevention is the use of agents that prevent the induction, growth, or progression of cancer. Prostate cancer has a long latency period, which means that it grows slowly and may exist for years before it is detected or causes symptoms. We can use this to our advantage when it comes to chemoprevention strategies.

    Research from the Center for Holistic Urology and elsewhere strongly suggests that if every man who was told to "watch and wait" entered into a focused chemoprevention program, we could slow or stop the progression of the disease - and would probably see improvement in virtually every other aspect of his health."

    In 200 words. APA 6 format with references. What is your reaction to the article you choose? Does it help inform your response?

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    Chemoprevention involves the reduction of risk in the development of disease. For prostate cancer a holistic approach tends to focus on nutrition or the use of natural agents to reduce free radicals or the formation of cancerous cells. Rittmaster (2011) reviews several studies focusing on the use of various agents such as vitamins or hormones in the prevention of prostate cancer. In his review, Rittmaster (2011) suggests that a specific type of testosterone treatment with five alpha enzyme, which converts testosterone to dihydroxytestosterone, shows ...

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    The advances in prostate cancer chemoprevention and treatment are examined.