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    Analyzing Research Questions

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    In the world of research you can find many research articles on any topic in many peer reviewed journals. Access a scholarly, peer-reviewed source and locate at least four articles on either qualitative or quantitative research containing research questions, as well as determine if they are good or bad questions.

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    One of the most effective tools to access the gene expression in the animal model is quantitative reverse transcription PCR. Given the fact that the rabbit is widely used as the human disease model and that the genome sequence of the rabbit is not completely known, the researchers pioneered the efforts to evaluate the rabbit immune response by measuring transcript expression profiles of around twenty genes after exposing the subject to the human pathogen. From the study, they identified several candidate genes that are highly regulated. While the identified genes are highly significant based on the statistic analysis, the study is biased since most of the targets selected are pre-determined. Therefore, a less biased analysis will be more suitable for vigorous determination of gene profile changes.

    In the wild, the animals could ...