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Isotopic in Decay Sequence

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Hello - I need some help! I need to track the nuclear decay of Thorium-232 by writing progressive nuclear decay equations until the last decay product is NOT radioactive.

I also need to determine whether or not ANY of the isotopes in this decay sequence are usable in brachytherapy, and which would be best.

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This solution helps with problems involving isotopes and decay sequences.

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I have given more information about brachytherapy, that is, which isotope is used for the treatment of cancer including veterinary skin cancer. Hope the information is satisfactory. Please do not hesitate to come back for any clarifications.

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Brainmass Chemistry 312290 : --

Thorium decay series
232Th --> 228Ra + α
228Ra --> 228Ac + β
228Ac --> 228Th + β
228Th --> 224Ra + α
224Ra --> 220Rn + α
220Rn --> 216Po + α
216Po --> 212Pb + α
212Pb --> 212Bi + β
212Bi --> 212Po + β : 212Bi  208Tl + α (Minor)
212Po --> 208Pb + α
208Tl --> 208Pb + ...

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