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    Radioactivity and binding energy

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    Could you please provide the work for these questions?

    7. How many kilograms of aluminium are produced in 24.0 hours by the electrolysis of molten AlCl3, if the current is 100.0 A?

    8. What isotope decays, by beta emission, to give 131/54 Xe? (Please see the attached file for proper formatting.)

    9. A given radioactive isotope has a decay constant of 1.6 x 10^-10 yr^-1. What is the half-life of this isotope?

    10. List two ways to detect radioactivity.

    11. Calculate the binding energy of the nucleus of 56Fe, given that the isotopic mass is 55.92068 amu, the proton mass = 1.00728 amu, and the neutron mass = 1.00866 amu. Report your answer in joules to two significant figures.

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