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    Gathering Information in Competing Healthcare Organizations

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    Considering that health care organizations can be cautious about sharing their way of doing things, what could we do to learn what these excellent organizations are doing to get the results they get?

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    There is much to learn from healthcare organizations that are successful. Not only can we learn

    about what they do right; but, we can learn from what they have done wrong, if they are willing to

    share. Healthcare organizations may be successful for many reasons. They may have learned to reduce

    costs for delivering quality care, they may have focused on training and developing best practices

    among healthcare professionals, they may have adopted electronic health record systems with decision

    support tree applications, to help providers deliver the most appropriate care to patients, with the best

    chance for positive health outcomes.

    To gather information from an organization unwilling to share, an approach may be to

    interview with human resources and ...

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    The discussion answers the question of how competing health care organizations can find out how top performers have achieved their status, when organizations are guarded in sharing data. There are a few methods discussed to gain insights into what makes the top performers successful.