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Managing personality types in teams

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Using Carl Jung's personality types, What method could a health care manager use to gain full and effective participation from those members who are introverted and can be passive in team meeting while extroverted members offer 85 or more percent of the interventions and ideas?

What method would you use to assure that sensor types will engage the discussion as the same level as intuitive professionals?

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The discussion focuses on methods or approaches of managing different personalities in work teams. Some strategies focus on improving participation among certain personality types. Others focus on developing new characteristics for those with restrictive personality types.

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"The performance of nursing units is highly dependent on the effectiveness of the nursing managers, and effective managers use a broad repertoire of leadership styles to create high-performance work climates... They spent more time creating a vision for the group and gaining buy-in, were more democratic, and tried to maintain harmony through an affiliative style of leadership. At the same time, they were less coercive. They engaged their nurses to perform better by providing them with increased opportunities for meaningful work and for growth and development."

1. What kind of personality characteristics would this type of manager need to have?
2. What are some specific tasks that managers can do to make this type of work climate?

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