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    Obtaining Patient Information and Medical Office Processes

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    The office manager has asked for assistance in improving the gathering of patient data within the medical office and the patient flow through the visit process. The office manager has asked for your involvement on the project because she has noticed your attention to detail and enthusiasm

    1) A policy for obtainng and handlingnew patient information in the medical office
    2) An ideal patient flow through the process of the office visit

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    The new policy for obtaining and handling new patient information involves obtaining patient information prior to the new patient's first office visit, in most instances. When new patients are scheduled for an office visit, they are either referred to the office website, to create a secure patient account, or are mailed the patient information forms to be completed prior to their first visit. The electronic version is preferred, as data from the online questionnaire is then extracted and used to create a new patient electronic record. However, some patients are unable or uncomfortable with the online process. Upon arrival and signing in on the first visit, new patient records are then created with a ...

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    This is a twofold solution that makes recommendations on how to obtain new patient information, that improves the efficiency and flow of the medical office. It also makes recommendations on how the flow of the office can be designed to improve efficiency in patient care.