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Proteins and its functional properties related to nutrition

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Proteins are major components of food. Describe in a factual manner as to what proteins are, as well as their characteristics in terms of functional properties in food.

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Proteins are one of the principal nutrients required by our body. They are complex organic compounds which are made up of Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and sulphur. Some proteins contain phosphorous and iron too. They are well known due to their nitrogen content, which is around 16%. Our body depends entirely upon proteins for its supply of nitrogen, sulphur and phosphorous. Thus, they are a major component of our diet/nutrition. The rich sources of proteins are lean meat, fat free muscles, fish, nuts, cheese, eggs, milk, peas, beans, etc. They are essential components of our food intake as they are responsible for providing most of the structural elements of the cells and enzymes which are essential for all biochemical reactions. Proteins form the main building blocks of our body. Large protein molecules consist of many amino acids linked together to form peptide chains, which inturn are linked together to form peptide ...

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The solution explains proteins, which form a major component of our nutrition, and its characteristics in terms of functional properties in the food that we consume.