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Fast Food Analysis

Dietary modifications

- What modifications might you make to replace choices in your fast-food meals with vegetables, fruits, meat and meat alternatives, or grains?

- If you chose fruit juice instead of whole fruit, what might happen to the fiber content in your diet? If you chose purchased fruit juice instead of whole fruit, what might happen to the calorie content of your diet?

- What is the relationship between energy balance and weight management?

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The problem with fast food meals is that for the most part, the food is processed. People need fresh fruits and vegetables daily for the enzymes and fiber, which unfortunately is unavailable in frozen or canned fruit purchases either.

The inference in the first question is that the shopper still goes to the fast food restaurant rather than entirely replacing the fast food order entirely. Most fast food businesses now offer healthy choices, though some do not. If one were to look at the options at the leadeing three, McDonald's, Subway and Starbucks, with Burger King and Wendy's coming behind, options can be reviewed. With those top five, selecting a salad is an option but with careful consideration to what IS in that salad.


Unfortunately, most of these places only include iceberg lettuce on their ...