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Analysis of Variance of a Fast Food Restaurant Data

33. An owner of a fast food restaurant reported to corporate headquarters that the average bill paid by his customers in the last quarter was $6.20 and that the standard deviation was $1.90. Not knowing exactly what the effect would be, headquarters suddenly launched a nationwide promotional campaign featuring a large quantity discount for a multi-sandwich purchase. The stubs from the next 81 purchases at the owner's franchise after the campaign was launched averaged $6.65.
a. Set up the null and alternative hypotheses to test if the amount of the average bill at the franchise changed after corporate headquarters launched the promotional campaign.
b. Test your hypothesis using a = 0.05.
c. Find the p value.
d. Based on the results of the study after the promotional campaign, what can you conclude?

34. The following ANOVA table is being prepared for a bivariate regression analysis of 38 observations.
Source df SS MS F
Regression 128.56 32.34
a. Fill in all the missing values.
b. Calculate the coefficient of determination.

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