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    Distributing information on minerals & water for the body

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    How much information do people need to know about how much minerals and water they need? What are some ways I could get information to my audience about the right amount of minerals and water they need?

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    While the post has limited information with regard to "my audience," there are generic answers. The quick and easy answer for many is to find information about minerals and water requirements online. However, for the target population that resides in a rural, or remote area (such as a reservation), getting online access may not be convenient or possible. Also, low income individuals that live in urban communities may not have access to internet resources either. All people DO have social networks, though.

    If a public health educator set forth a goal of assisting people in a region with water and mineral intake, checking area statistics first would be useful. Perhaps checking with the water department to determine water quality would be ...

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    Effective heath education marketing ideas on the body needs for water and minerals are discussed.