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Training for nurse managers

According to Franklin Schaffer, "Nurse managers are the linchpins to retaining nurses and ultimately to the success of any health care organization. Despite their importance, nurse training often gets put aside for financial reasons and time constraints. If we want to retain
nurses, we must train excellent nurse managers. This training must come through new, innovative, and effective methods. 'Yesterday thinking' will not work, nor will yesterday's training methods." The author identifies 9 Essential Nurse Manager Roles. They are: negotiator, career planner, mentor, facilitator, coordinator, director, producer, broker,

What kind of training do you think that managers need in order to fulfill some of these 9 essential roles?

Have you seen any employers who train managers in these roles?

How much time do you think the training would take?

What should be prioritized?

Shaffer, F. (2003). Stepping Beyond 'Yesterday Thinking:' Preparing
Nurse Managers for a New World Order. AONE Nurse Leader, July/August, 33-37.

Solution Summary

The most important aspect for the nurse manager to be able to fulfill all or at least some of these roles is their innate ability to carry out these expectations to their best. They should be committed enough to become a successful manager cum leader.