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The presence of leadership

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Reflect upon the concept of presence. Describe the strategies that emotionally competent leaders utilize to convey a sense of presence in a clinical unit. Please provide references that are not websites.

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The Presence of Leadership

People with presence look confident and comfortable, speak clearly and persuasively, think clearly even under pressure (Booher, 2011). An individual's appearance, such as posture and clothing, can speak to people even more than their words and the unspoken conversation can make or break a leader. A clinical leader who consistently dresses in upscale business attire rather than the uniform worn by those engaged in the daily functions of the unit is sending a subliminal message to members of the department. The message being received by staff could be that the leader is no longer engaged with the unit or its staff. This might not be the leader's intent but, as with ...

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The importance of clinical leadership presence on a unit. Approximately 500 word on positive presence of clinical leadership.

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