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    Influencing Health Policy

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    Please answer the questions below in regards to the paragraph below. The two questions follow the paragraph. Please include 1 paragraph for each question answered. Please provide references that are not websites. Thank you.

    In speaking with most of the C-title healthcare executives, many have shared concerns over their lack of preparedness to influence health policy and advocating for their healthcare organizations. Consider the development of Accountable Care Organizations and their goal to meet the triple aim: improving the experience of care; improving the health outcomes of a defined population, and reducing per capita costs. As a member of the senior leadership team, your organization has redesigned care with systems aimed at meeting the triple aim. Your organization now has a cost and procedures in place to reduce the cost of caring for CHF patients.

    1. How would you influence the political landscape to secure political and financial

    Support for your proposition?

    2. Who are the key stakeholders you need to engage to lead the charge to have

    Your proposal funded and paid for by Medicare and Medicaid, as well as,

    Private insurers.

    * Please support your assertions with evidence from the literature. *

    Article: http://contenthealthaffairs.healthbrighter.com/content/27/3/759.full

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    1. In a situation of this nature I would seek to influence the political landscape to secure political and financial support for my proposition by seeking to influence the pharmaceutical industry of the efficacy of this plan, due to the fact that these organizations will tend to benefit by supplying drugs to many individuals who enroll in this plan. This will be a key aspect in influencing the political landscape due to the fact that many of these pharmaceutical organizations form the major constituencies of senators and other government officials that have the power to activate my proposition on a national scale. Some of these individuals are members of the ...