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    Healthcare problems - organization's core competencies; what constitutes "quality" in healthcare

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    1. create a strategic plan for a fictional healthcare organization. complete the following portions of that strategic plan:

    Identify and describe the healthcare organization that will serve as your focus for this assignment. Include details about the population it serves and the services it provides.

    Identify the expectations and needs of the healthcare customer within that population.

    constructing your own healthcare organization you will need to construct the vision and mission statements and indicate how they create a framework for a customer service initiative.

    indicate what the organization's core competencies are and how these competencies give your organization an important difference in providing customer benefits and perceived value.

    2. You are having a discussion with your co-workers about what constitutes "quality" in healthcare and why these are the essential components of quality. Give response

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    I have experience of several types of such organizations: I have worked as a physician-surgeon in several big university hospitals. Also as a specialist (cancer). I have also worked as a consultant to the local police department. I have been a senior military medical doctor (chief medical officer) on brigade level. Finally I have run my own private practice. I do not know what kind of organization you have in mind but I suggest that we keep it simple. In that case I suggest that we concentrate on a private specialist practice. When you decide to start such an enterprise you have to consider what it is you are going to provide and if there will be a market for it. I suppose you are the doctor and owner of the enterprise. If so your speciality is given. You have a speciality and that is what we have to work with. Second is where you are going to work. I suppose you have chosen an area ...