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healthcare organisations

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What criteria should healthcare organisations use to monitor the achievement of their organisational objectives? Discuss with reference to healthcare organisations that are known to you.

Your answer should be in the range of 550 to 750 words (+/- 10%),Your answer must use at least 3 academic sources .your answer should be not submitted previously , Not plagiarized.

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The expert writes a criteria for whether healthcare organization can use to monitor the achievement of their organizational objectives

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Like businesses in other industries, healthcare organizations develop strategies to achieve
organizational goals. Goals can be clearly defined, such as increasing revenues by 5% or improving
consumer satisfaction by 25%. The more concise the goals are, in terms of being measurable, the easier
they are to analyze and monitor for success. When goals are identified and strategies are established
to achieve them, some systems should be put in place to monitor objectives. Monitoring objectives
along each step of the way to attainment is necessary, in order to maintain focus and when necessary,
to refocus or re-define strategies.

Monitoring objectives for the healthcare organization should include measures involving various
stakeholders and how well those stakeholder relationships uphold or support organizational objectives.
Criteria for monitoring achievement in the healthcare organization should include assessments of how
closely targets are being met and the level of productivity achieved by supporting entities (The Cochrane
Collaboration, 2013). Targets such as percentages and scales of measure can be used to determine ...

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