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Organization Service Strategy

After creating a fictional hospital, create and describe the healthcare organization's service strategy. In particular, link your service strategy to the creation of a healing environment and developing a culture of customer service.

Identify how your service strategy is linked to the organizational vision and mission.
FYI : these are the vision and mission statements of "my" hospital
UHHospital shall assume a leading role for the coordination of healthcare delivery in our market. For this vision to be realized, Universal Health Hospital must:
? Involve physicians/staff regarding resource allocation and maintaining the state of the art in technology.
? Utilize multidisciplinary collaboration and continuously improve the patient care delivery process.
? Empower staff by establishing trust in every level of the organization.
? Provide information systems which support clinical and management applications.
? Develop healthcare programs based upon community input regarding future and present needs.

? To improve the health and lives of our patients and community."

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First of all you need to set out your proposed service strategy in general terms, a bit like the the mission statement and vision but in more practical terms. Perhaps you should explain what a 'strategy' is to demonstrate that you understand the links between the three.

Go on to describe your idea of:
- a 'healing environment' which will include things like the surroundings in which patients are cared for, the attitude of the healthcare professionals and ancilliary staff, the provision of information to patients and families etc
- a culture of customer service i.e. one that is patient and family orientated.

The 'vision' and 'mission' statements provided suggest that

a) the hospital will co-ordinate the development of services in the market so ...