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Formulainge an Operations Strategy for a Service Type Business

1. Formulate an operations strategy for a service type business for an Etiquette and Professional Communication Adviser, which employs at least 20 people.
2. Explain how your operations strategy impacts product design and process selection for your business.
3. Determine the key components of supply chain management for your business including structuring, sourcing, purchasing, and managing the supply chain.
4. Examine how the total quality management process is a strategy for a competitive advantage for your business.
5. Identify the key elements of just-in-time manufacturing and its impact on quality assurance for your selected business.

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Operations Strategy for a Service Type Business:

After the development of the business strategy of this service company, the operations strategy comes in handy to ensure that the operations functions of the corporation are structured in an excellent manner ensuring a great competitive advantage. Long range plans will support each of the business functions to ensure that the communication services that are being offered by the company are effective. By virtue that this is a service corporation, an understanding of the competitive situation in the target market will have to be verified by the organization for the competitive priorities to be ascertained. The competitive priorities in the operations strategy will be costs of the services, the quality of the communication advises given the esteemed clients, time allocation for the services and the flexibility of the service operations (Operations, Strategy, 2007).

The costs competitive priority of the company will be supported through the utilizing of the effective communication tools and techniques in the organization. The services process in the organization has to cut down on any waste and undertake training to perfect the skills of the 20 employees. The quality of the services offered to the clients has to be high coupled with sufficient time. The company should also be flexible in its operations to accommodate the specific needs of the clients to ensure that customer ...

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The solution outlines an operation strategy for an etiquette adviser service, including components like the process selection, supply chain and quality management and just-in-time manufacturing in 883 words with 3 references.