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    Motivation at Work: Management or Personal?

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    Does individual motivation and satisfaction contribute to an organizations ability to coordinate work?

    Managers play a large role in motivating people that they are leading. By keeping the individuals informed not only of the rewards that will be earned due to good performance, but keeping them informed of the organizations plans, goals, and objectives, motivation should keep flowing. Communication is always key and if each person on the team is informed and kept up to date on any changes, they will gain a trust of their manager and of the organization and that will contribute to motivation, which in turn will positively effect the work.

    A personal experience for me was when I worked in a medical records office at a hospital. I had come from another medical records department at a bigger, more advanced hospital and I had some great ideas that I could share with the new hospital about ways to improve the overall flow of the department. They were really behind the times and there were ways that we could make the work flow better. I shared my thoughts and ideas with management and I was ignored. The manager was never present, communication was lacking, and she wasn't open to improving the work flow. It was beyond frustrating. I ended up leaving and getting a new position somewhere else. I feel like if the manager was open to new ideas, was always communicating with us, and if she didn't put her employees on the back burner, the whole moral of the department would have been much better and the work would have been completed in a more effective way. I lost my motivation and satisfaction with the job because my manager was unable to coordinate the work. In turn, they lost a good employee who could have helped make that department work at tip top shape.

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    The behavior a manager demonstrates, whether through communication, motivation, or leading by example, shapes each department, and ultimately the organization. As a manager, it is important to facilitate communication, so that employees both listen and respond, allowing ideas from their point of view to be heard and considered. In addition, as the writer ...

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    This solution discusses if individual motivation and satisfaction contribute to an organizations ability to coordinate work and how that motivation is shaped through management.