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Health and Saftey

Consider this accident scenario: A painter was electrocuted when the metal ladder he was moving contacted an overhead power line. Prior to the incident, the victim and two co-workers had been painting the exterior of a two-story private residence. Work had concluded at 9 p.m., and the workers were cleaning up the jobsite. The victim, for unknown reasons, walked around the side of the residence and began moving the ladder. The ladder had been positioned against the side of the residence and had been used to reach the upper level of the residence when the workers were scraping and painting the structure. As the victim moved the ladder to a vertical position, it came into contact with an overhead power line located about 24 feet above ground level and directly above the victim's position. Electrical current passed through the ladder and the victim to the ground, electrocuting the victim.

Develop and describe at least four possible causes of this incident. Which element(s) of the 5M model of safety engineering would apply to each of these causes?